The fee to register for the conference is one of the following options:

  • Conference (250€)
  • Conference + Dinners (300€)

It will be necessary to make a bank transfer to the following account:

  • IBAN: ES19 3067 0109 39 1150653523
  • CONCEPT: 0633052083 EPJ IFM2E fee




How it works?

To complete the registration process follow the form on this page through the following steps:

Step 1

Select one of the options and make a bank transfer with the concept 0633052083 EPJ IFM2E fee

Step 2

Select in the form one of the proposed hotels with or without reservation of parking space. Information about the hotels:

Infanta Cristina Hotel

Infanta Cristina Hotel

Condestable Iranzo Hotel

Condestable Iranzo Hotel

Step 3

Select the number of nights through the slider. Press the next button.

Step 4

Fill in the form that appears with your contact information and enter the date of arrival and departure. Click on submit button. If all went well, the message “Thank you, we will contact you soon!“ appears.

Step 5

In the next hours you will receive an email from to complete the accommodation payment process.