University of Jaén

Diego Martínez

Diego Manuel Martínez Gila studied Telecommunications Engineering at the University of Jaén. The success of his final thesis gave him the opportunity to apply for a collaboration scholarship in the department of systems and automatic engineering at the University of Jaén. Later he obtained an FPI grant from the Ministry of Economy, Innovation and Science of the Government of Andalusia. Simultaneously he made the Master’s Degree in Control of Industrial Processes and the Master’s Degree in Secondary Education Teaching. Also he read his doctoral thesis entitled “Application of Non-conventional sensor technologies to the automatic monitoring and control of the virgin olive oil production process”.

In September 2016, he began his work as an interim substitute professor at the University of Jaén, a position in which he continues today. He has taught theory and practice in various subjects of undergraduate and master’s degrees, has participated in teacher innovation projects and has made various courses of specialization in teaching. He has also directed final degree projects and final master’s degree project.